DO It Yourself

Describe the most ambitious DIY project you’ve ever taken on.

Thoughts from Jarred.

Creators, artists, and writers see a vision other people cannot. We think outside the box. Not everyone gets behind our content or our way of thinking. I’ve met folks who misunderstand my writings. Or, more likely, I have a tendency to stir up folks on the inside. When insecurities are stirred up our defensive mechanisms activate.

I have to do it myself, believe in it myself. Steve Harvey said, “Stop telling your visions (i.e., your ambitions) to other people because they’re not going to see it. Do you know why? God didn’t show it to them. He showed it to you. He put it in your imagination.”

God put Thoughts from Jarred in my imagination to be made a reality. When you decide to seek out the vision He placed in your imagination, that’s ambition.


Jarred (Cassandra)


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